Cold foil printing.

What is cold foil printing?

Cold Foil allows your company to apply metallic foil on your printing press, in-line, at press speed.
Saroglia offers its clients a custom made cold foil stamping system that is design to meet the demands of your company.

Our printing machine

Our printing machine allows the application of the film for cold printing allowing the "step-by-step" advancement of the tape, ensuring a high level of quality at a competitive cost. Very important is the simplicity of use, which allows the use by traditional operators without having to make long periods of training.
The cold print register is determined by your machine and allows you to create metallic effects in any color you want. You can print to spot to accentuate and enhance specific areas of the design or apply the full coverage of your support, eliminating the need to buy expensive already laminated sheets.
You can also print medium tones, as well as print characters of only 5 points. With our cold printing system, your achievements are limited only by the artist's imagination

Industries that benefit from Cold Foil

• Packaging
• Cosmetic
• Health & beauty
• Pharmacuetical
• CD & DVD
• Food
• Premium wine & spirit
• Video gameing
• Commercial printing
• Advertising & promotion
• Books & magazines
• Greeting cards
• Gift cards

How does Cold Foil printing work?

In the first printing group is inserted in place of the ink a special sticker to be transferred on the sheet. It generates a sticky film that can be applied to small areas or to the entire worksheet. The foil will adhere only in the areas where the adhesive film is present.
The second printing group is intended to support the device for the application of the tape, which is carried out, applied on the sheet and then rewound. The remaining press groups complete the work by colouring the film in full color, resulting in surprising effects with brilliant foil. Cleaning the unit for the application of the adhesive is carried out by washing the cylinders from adhesive-based inks.

Cast and Cure™

The Cast and Cure™ holographic effect is accomplished with a lithographic printing process using UV technology and a nano-embossed casting film within a controlled system.
The Saroglia Cast and Cure™ System uses two printing towers. On the first tower a UV varnish is applied to the substrate by a standard lithographic printing plate in the design chosen. On the second element the nano-embossed film passed between the blanket cylinder and the impression cylinder. The nano-embossed design is pressed into the wet varnish while a UV light source cures the varnish thereby locking in the pattern. After curing, the film is removed from the substrate to be rewound for subsequent use. With a properly controlled rewind system the film can be reused up to 12 times.
The Cast and Cure™ Application Systems is mounted on top of your printing press. The system is designed to simple convert back and forth between normal printing and Cast and Cure™ applications.

How does it work?
Step 1: Printing with UV Inks is performed.
Step 2: UV Coating or Varnish is applied in a Print or Coating Unit using a Litho or Cyrel® Plate.
Step 3: The film comes into contact with the UV Coating or Varnish and the image of the film is Nano Embossed into the UV Coating.
Step 4: Curing & Drying of the sheet occurs through your UV system creating the Holographic effect onto the printed sheet

The Cast and Cure™ is becoming the future of the industry. It is remarkable solution which provides environmentally friendly printing processes. By using UV inks and varnishes there are no undesirable and harmful VOC’s. The Cast and Cure™ film is reusable multiple times and is also recyclable.
Die cutting platen, with typographic register, cutting size 51×71 cm, mechanical speed 2,700 beat/hour.

The Combi is an implementation of Gold, suitable for machining that requires the use of non-stop loading/unloading. Designed specially for bindery, it allows continuous loading and unloading operations and can work two sheets at a time, doubling productivity without losing in quality.


 Single tower dancer-less foil system

 Ability to run up to a 15,000 m roll of foil

 Ability to run 6” foil core

 Proprietary DGM software

 Electrical control cabinet

 HMI touch screen control

 Two (2) Siemens Servo Drives & Controls

 Siemens foil unit motion controller

 Electrical monitoring sensors and cabling

 Core management technology
Foil saver mode

 Laser blanket wrap protection system

 Laser web break detection
Foil jog & foil advance mode

 Foil web tracking system
Low foil alarm saystem

 Smart track foil inlet & outlet rollers

 Elevation kit to mount the unit onto the press

Saroglia also offers UV Cast and Cure machines as well as hot foil stamping machines.