Our machines are engineered and manufactured at our “State of the Art” factory in Turin, Italy. Our company presently is the leading world wide manufacture of Hot Foil, Cold Foil, UV Cast and Cure.
Our strategy has been to give a strong impetus to technological innovation, which over the years has allowed us to safeguard the acquired know-how and, from 2016, through collaboration with other companies, to introduce on the market two new products, the first for cold foil printing and the second for Cast and Cure.
The current economic context has necessitated the repositioning of the company with two priorities: to defend our quality and our know-how and to acquire new spaces in the market. Saroglia machines are ideal for those customers who work on small run, with frequent job changes and that focus on the quality of the print, without having to cope with large investments required by other brands.
Being overly specialized means sometimes putting limits to your skills. Saroglia platens can work a large range of materials (starting from 80 gr per square meter -light paper for letterhead- up to the grey-board of 4 mm thickness) on different typologies of paper, PVC, PET, polypropylene, leather, imitation leather and velvet etc.
The best for print finishing in: greeting cards, high quality labels, and cosmetic packaging work. perfect for the book binderies, dust jackets, soft cover books, book cases, and case binding and with special adjustments you can also make the Braille printing. With our platens you can enrich with foil stamping in flat or embossing, sculturize, impress with micro-engraving; blind emboss / deboss. You can also print holographic foil with the correct register or just die cut and kiss cut shapes; you can die cut using the thermal plate to heat the die form and obtain clean cuts also with plastic.


Machines for foil stamping, embossing and die cutting press.